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Chase's blog is about life in Spain from an American perspective, the benefits of moving abroad in your 30s, and how to plan your next career break. It provides tips, resources, and adventure stories from Spain. Hopefully it will inspire others to "chase" their own adventures!


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US American US American expat living in Barcelona

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 12-12-90
  • Move: Usa  Spain
  • Interest: Balancing career success and life experiences
  • About me: Hello, I’m Chase! I’m a business guy, adventurist, and coffee enthusiast from California. I’m on a mission to discover the ideal balance between work, life, success, and happiness. After early career success as a business director, I decided that complacency was holding me back from experiencing the rest of the world. Therefore, I hopped on a plane to Spain! I am currently exploring Barcelona, studying Spanish, and doing some part-time consulting work. Hopefully I can inspire others to “chase” their own adventures.
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